In the beginning of 2016, Gary Snider began working on personal versions of Leonard Cohen's most well known and loved songs. These efforts developed into a show including new and old material, recitation and explanation of some songs and stories fra Leonard's life and career. 

Since Leonard's death in November 2016, the show has taken on another dimension. Gary has said: "It feels like an honor full duty to continue to give life to Leonard's fantastic legacy and I will do my utmost to be worthy of this task". 

Leonard Cohen has left behind an enormous treasure of wonderful melodies and poetic texts with great depth. Texts that reflect a religious and spiritual man who gained great insight into the many layers of human existence through his own ups and downs.

Two men with much in common
Like Leonard, Gary was born in Canada and with a Jewish background. Both lost their fathers at an early age and developed very close relation to their mothers.  Both artistic and restless, they 'escaped' from family demands to pursue a free life outside of Canada. Their love of music, inspired by their mothers, turned from hobbies to careers.

Gary never got to meet Leonard in person but has studied him closely. When Gary enters the stage with suit, tie and hat, there is no doubt in anyone's mind as to his deep respect and love for Leonard. "I feel sometimes that Leonard could have been my big brother".

In spring of 2017, the show was further developed with backing singers Katrine Hald and Connie Pilgaard Nielsen, drummer Tom Lindby and Jan Møller on keyboards.


Super koncert! Gary Snider is expert at capturing the attention of his listeners. His Leonard Cohen show keeps developing with new interpretations, stories and recitation/explanation of Cohens songs and texts.” 
Thorkil Green Nielsen

If anyone can give Cohen's texts and music an authentic and worthy interpretation, then Gary Snider has his credentials in order. It is a great pleasure to experience Gary and his love and admiration for the man with the deep voice.”
Susanne Harder Quvang Davidsen

We have had the pleasure twice of holding concert with Gary Snider, each time with a full house and very satisfied audience. Gary is very professional and good at creating a warm and friendly ambience.” 
Rikke Storm Overgaard, 

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